We love blowing up our friends! AKA Super Rock Blasters on itchi.io

“Do you have friends? Do you like blowing them up?” – Will Stallwood, Cipher Prime

We embraced the insane, chaotic, and non-stop gotcha” moments… wait  we are we talking about making or playing the game? From shelved game jam game, to 1 month dev blitz, to shipped, this is Super Rock Blasters.

The story of Super Rock Blasters starts many months back to a game jam at Philly Dev Night. The theme was, “local-multiplayer” and Zenas, partner and founder of QuadraTron, did (and still does) have passionate affair with Asteroids. It wasn’t at all surprising when he made a 4 player version of Asteroids where 2 players mine coins from the asteroids while the other two players play offense trying to blow the other team up. At the time it was called Team Rock Blasters.

Fast forward to a little over a month ago, there was an invitation to show off a local multiplayer game at the PHL Collectives office. Our current work, on Threshold and Monsters! Reborn!, was deadlocked so we grabbed SRB off the shelf, gutted the old screwed up input system, and barely brought had a game to show for it.

But people had FUN. (WTF?!) So when we managed to get some table space at Wizard World, we set it up beside Threshold which we’re trying to promote. (Threshold got Greenlit! Woohoo!) At Wizard World people had MORE FUN. That weekend we knew we wanted to get it to a “shippable” state and put it out there for people.

So began a month of hell. We gutted most of the game. Almost everything in the game was redone in some small way. We tightened up the core gameplay loop and most importantly we greatly increased our ability to tweak the game on the fly. Some time in the future we’d like to roll up all that customization-juice and let player play around with it.

Grab it on itch.io below!



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