Preparing for GDC

Wow , it’s that time of year again when I double check my little webpage about myself that I never post to. My last post was almost exactly a year ago but it feels like three. My life has changed so much from getting Mark of the Old Ones funded, biking to work over the summer, wrapping up MotOO and moving on to a new project Threshold.

Controller support… Check.

Mark of the Old Ones was successfully Kickstarted (when websites become verbs) late spring last year and the non-stop cruncho-coaster ride began. Going from what we thought was a full game to an actually full almost polished game (Being the programmer, I ended up leaving a month before the game was due to come out.) is a lot like what I imagine raising a child is like. Towards the end I couldn’t wait for it to move out and get it’s own job… but I also missed the simpler days of adding new features and being amazed by all the potential.

It’s only freezing!


Commuting by bike to work has to have been one of my best ideas of 2014. I started by riding a slightly undersized mountain bike a friend sold me for $50. Especially since being a programmer is typically so sedentary, a nice workout in the morning really helps your mood and focus. I didn’t lose a lot of weight like I was hoping but I don’t really care.

Team QuadraTron at MagFest

But my work at Hit the Sticks ended, as did the tolerable bicycle weather and I moved on to a (sort of) new project. Threshold was originally a project from the 2014 Global Game Jam with a team of around 7 people. The theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” which is pretty much the gist of the game we made. In Threshold the direction you are facing determines changes what time/world you are looking at. Turn left and it’s winter, the leafy platforms fade away and ice and snow become platforms for you to walk upon. Turn right and the icy platform melts.

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.



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