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We Must Go Smaller! (Mini Microcomputers)

This story begins the usual way really, couple of guys making games, submitting said games to cons. Trekking out to said cons with said, said games. But when you’re so small the machine you’re showing with is your personal laptop … Continue reading

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We love blowing up our friends! AKA Super Rock Blasters on

“Do you have friends? Do you like blowing them up?” – Will Stallwood, Cipher Prime We embraced the insane, chaotic, and non-stop gotcha” moments… wait  we are we talking about making or playing the game? From shelved game jam game, to … Continue reading

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Preparing for GDC

Wow , it’s that time of year again when I double check my little webpage about myself that I never post to. My last post was almost exactly a year ago but it feels like three. My life has changed so … Continue reading

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GDC 2014

It’s Friday, the last(official) day of GDC! During the week my boss, Jordan, sent me the latest trailer iteration for Mark of the Old Ones. So, not all of this is ‘official’ footage nor guaranteed to be in the game. … Continue reading

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Mark of the Old Ones Kickstarter goes live!

The company I work at just launched a Kickstarter to help fund our next game. It might not have been the greatest idea to let our actual team represent the game instead of someone who’s really good at talking and … Continue reading

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Due to some circumstances I was sitting around with some time on my hands, so I wrote this little program based on a challenge posted in the code golf section of stack #include <stdio.h> static int addCounter; int add(int … Continue reading

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Cell phone sorcery

Alright, so like a week or so ago me and Aubrey were talking about phone plans, (keep in mind texting has been sucking up the majority of my account balance since it’s $0.10 for every text I receive/send) and he … Continue reading

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