About Christian Plummer

I am a cheesesteak loving programmer born and raised in the suburbs of Philly. Some of my favorite games are JRPGs and platformers, but lately I’ve been really into bullet-hell Shoot-em-ups. Of course let’s not forget the ‘game’ called programming. Now if only this damned computer would do want I want instead of what I tell it to do…

I currently work at Hit the Sticks, LLC. I started as an FX Programmer for our last game Just Tactics and they promoted and kept me for their next title Mark of the Old Ones(It’s awesome, you should buy it when it’s on Steam ;)). I’m also a co-founder of QuadraTron and a notorious regular of Philly Dev Night. Currently I am working out of The Game Forge on a 4D puzzle platformer called Threshold.

The bulk of my game dev experience is in Unity 3D, C4 Game Engine, and Java Monkey Engine but I’ve been known to flirt with various engines/libraries on the weekends ;)

Have some fun on my Games page, that’s what it’s there for. If you’re in Philly drop by Dev Night and say hi!

Christian Plummer
Resume by request,