So I realized I haven’t really updated this site in a while, as I mentioned last post I’ve been working with Keith and Gabe(Zenas) on a sort of spiritual successor to the game we came up with at PGJ11. Since the three of us met at one game jam and made Mother(ship) at another we decided to roll with the concept and have are own little “QuadraJam” once a month as we try to get the game ready to submit for the IGF.

I’ll write a little about the QuadraJam after I finish up my recap for last week, you can read about last month on our website here.

So the project, which we have code named Battle Space, is sort of a mashup of  an FPS-tournament style as a twin-stick shooter in space with a few semi-unique twists that will hopefully make the game stand on it’s own. (We have a whole lot of great ideas but not a whole lot of time despite having 3 programmers working spare time on this.)

If I get Fraps to play nice with Unity I’ll try to get some kind of video up next month. For now, have a screenful of debug rays!


Also, at someone recommended that I start putting some of my unpublished “experiment” games in my portfolio. We’ll see about that, I’m a little caught up with work this week and getting ready for school.


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